The Bunker

The Harnham Bunker is a former underground communications bunker built in to the chalk hills on the edge of Harnham.

The conversation and modernisation which was completed in 2016 turned the building into a safe space for young people to learn new creative skills. 

2021 sees the next chapter in the life of The Bunker as, The Underground Studios. 

One of Salisbury's Best Kept Secrets!

Missed by many passers-by, the steel doors give way to a ramp into an underground building which is now kitted out as a recording studio, TV studio, and radio studio with spaces for Photography, Art, and other creative activities. 

Since taking over The Bunker in October 2021, the team has been busy installing media and musical equipment. Designing workshops and creating brand new afterschool clubs. 

Recording Studio

It’s the perfect place for young people to come and learn new skills and lay down their tracks. 

TV Studio

Find out how multicamera TV shows are made with our High Definition TV Studio.

Radio & Podcast Studio

Learn the skills of radio and podcast production, from planning through recording to post production and distribution.