Pre-Booking Reminder: Ensuring safety and quality, pre-booking is now required. Please note that, as of October 30, 2023, on-site booking and a late fee are in effect. While the late fee helps cover administration costs, pre-booking remains crucial to reducing the risk of participants being turned away due to reaching maximum capacity.

Balancing Flexibility and Engagement:

  • Flexible Attendance: Book After-school Clubs sessions based on your availability.
  • Subscription Payments: Opt for our 6 or 7-week After-school Club packages and enjoy a 10% discount!

For any questions, concerns, or ideas, feel free to email us at

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The Underground Studios is a collaborative space that is home to creative projects and organisations that share space, ideas and resources. 

Youth provision is at the heart of our programme with the majority of our projects aimed at young people, youth groups and schools.

Our projects are designed to help young people boost confidence and self-esteem, learn new skills, develop existing ones and have access to training and equipment that is used by professionals.

After-School Clubs



1-1 Lessons:


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