Gaming and E-Sports are a growing industry and a creative one too. Here at The Underground Studios we have our gaming area and will run tournaments and informal gaming sessions. 


For our informal gaming sessions, we have a range of current consoles including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo


We have the facilities to play games competitively and will organise internal tournaments.


We have all the equipment necessary to stream our gaming sessions online via twitch and other streaming platforms. 

It's not just about gaming...

Esports promotes teamwork and communication, develops communities and provides jobs.

There are a huge amount of benefits from ESports and it’s not just gaming. 

Gaming can also be a social activity, that’s key to our sessions here at The Bunker. 

There are STEM skills, organisational skills when arranging and running tournaments. Many of the skills overlap with the digital & creative industries too.

This isn’t just about playing games!  

We play...

We have access to a large number of games and are adding more all the time across both new and retro consoles. 

We organise tournaments and competitions for the following games, which are all rated by PEGI as suitable to be played by those in attendance. 

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We want our activities at The Bunker to be as inclusive as possible, so if you need support in any way please let us know. 

We have tried to make our prices as reasonable as possible but if you need some support, thanks to funding from Sarum Rotary, we can also help you financially with attending our after school activities. 

For more information please get in contact with us: