Welcome to our gaming community!

Having previously taken place on Wednesdays (Games Night), The Gaming Club will now take place on Saturday afternoons from (14:00-16:00).

Exciting news! We’re levelling up the experience with new games consoles on the way, adding an extra layer of fun to every session.

Here at The Underground Studios, we believe that gaming is not just a hobby but a way for young people aged 8-16* to come together, socialise and have fun.

Our gaming club and tournaments provide a sense of belonging and community for participants, as well as opportunities for friendly competition.

In addition to the social benefits, participating in our gaming club can also provide personal growth and development. From organising and running a tournament to competing and working as a team, there are many ways to get involved and improve your skills.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the joy of gaming and all the benefits it has to offer. 


We want your experience with us to be as seamless as possible. Please note that due to high demand for our sessions, we operate with a 48-hour cancellation/reschedule policy in place. Unfortunately, changes within this window cannot be accommodated.

For more detailed information on our Terms and Conditions, Policies, and Procedures, visit our policy page

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